Winnipeg Artwork, Murals and Sculptures

Presented on this web site is Artwork that includes a wide range of subject matter and techniques illustrating the representational Artwork that I have produced. I teach Art Classes; I paint commissioned Artwork including Portraits and Murals; I do Court Room drawing for the media and I draw caricatures. I have been drawing since I was a very small child and have pursued my passion learning as much as I could, exploring many media and techniques to create Representational Artwork. I still find it magical that we can create a 3 dimensional image on a 2 dimensional surface using such materials as pencil, charcoal, pastel, water colours, acrylic, oil paints and various other materials that may or may not be commonly known as art materials.

The subject matter I paint is very diverse as I enjoy the challenge of painting new subjects in a unique fashion. As many artists before me, I get bored using the same media in the same way or painting the same subject matter. The saying, “Variety is the spice of life.” is very true when it comes to my artwork.

I invite visitors to my website to ask questions about drawing materials, techniques, drawing and painting media etc. I have worked with a large variety of art mediums and I am happy to share my experience with others. I have more than 50 years experimenting with art materials and over 20 years teaching using oils; water mixable oils; acrylics; water-colours; and pen and ink. I am certain I can answer your questions. If I don’t have an answer for you I will do my best to find the answer.

A picture of stairs! A picture of flowers!
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